Contributor FAQ

Q: What is the max upload file size that you accept?

A: We accept images up to 128MB in size.

Q: What types of images & files do you accept?

A: We accept Jpeg & PNG files. All images must be high resolution and are free from defects such as dust, scratches and high grain.

Q: When will my photos be published?

A: There are three methods in place for publishing your photos. How your images get published depends on if you have been granted contributor access to the website. Below are the three general methods of getting your images published.

  1. Self Publish: If you have been granted publisher access to the website you will be able to immediately publish  your photos by clicking on Sell Images>Add New.
  2. Upload For Curation: Upload for curation has been temporarily disabled. Please use the Sell Images>Add New option.
  3. Curated Contributors: Are GenStockPhoto Members that have been noted for taking some remarkable photos. Curated contributions are hand selected, uploaded, and moderated by Matt or Theresa. Currently curated contributors don’t have upload access to the GenStockPhoto website. However we have plans to change that in the near future.

Q: How does a Curated Contributor submit their photos?

A: We will select images from your online portfolio and select the images that would be a perfect fit for our collection. Please send your photos via to

Q: Do I need a model or property release on all photos?

A: You need a model release on all photos of people or private property. We can’t sell your photos without one. View the model & property release tutorial here

Q: What if the pictures are of Me, my Wife, or my Children?

A: If the photos are of you then you won’t need to upload a model release, however you will need to provide us a signed model release of yourself if a licensee requests it. If you are uploading images of your wife or kids or any family members, we will require a model release. No exceptions will be made.

Q: Is it possible for the contributors to update their images (add, category, keywords, licensing, etc.) after they upload with the Add Media option?

A: Contributors with publish privileges can update their photos, keywords, profile info, add the photo to more categories and edit descriptions at any time. At this time Contributors are not able to create new categories. If you need any new categories, please email us or send us a message on Google Hangouts and we will promptly add the news photos as fast as possible.

Q: Do you own the rights to my photos once they’re uploaded to your website?

No we don’t own any rights to your photos. You are granting us the ability to license your photos using various licensing models that are suitable for commercial use. You retain full intellectual rights over your images when you sign up with us.

Q: What if I want to take my images down from your website? Can I do that?

If you have publisher access to the website you are free to delete your photos at any time. If you are on a curate basis the process is 60 days.

Q: What The Heck Is A Gravatar?

A Gravatar is your online Avatar. It is a web standard used across many publishing platforms. Your Gravatar shows up along with all of your Photos being licensed and it shows up on the Photographer’s page. Your profile also links up to your website, and Social Media Profiles. To get a Gravatar sign up here.

Q: Do I need to fill out all of the information when uploading my images?

A: Try and fill out as much information as you can when uploading photos. You titles are extremely important and she be more descriptive rather than tell a story. For example a creative work in a fine art collection may have been titled in a creative way that tells a story. Whereas in stock photography the images should be more descriptive and thorough. Keywords are also important. Enter as many keywords as you can that describe your image and it’s intended usage to a client. A bouquet of roses could be used for Valentines Day, Relationships, Mother’s Day and a wide array of other things. So make sure that your keywords are descriptive and relevant to your image description.

We welcome your questions!

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