Legal Forms

Contributor Commission Agreement

All contributors must sign and send this form to us via email or postal service to:


Snail Mail
2773 Harbor Blvd
Ventura CA, 93001

Get the contributor agreement:

Non Disclosure Agreement

All contributors must complete this document prior to contributing to GenStockPhoto. This agreement ensures that our confidential communications to contributors will not be shared with third parties without obtaining prior written consent. This agreement also protects our contributors from us disclosing  or using confidential information about our contributors, such as payment information, home addresses, and personally identifiable information.

GenStockPhoto Non Disclosure Agreement.

Model & Property Releases

Model & Property Releases are required when taking photos of people or taking photos on private property.

Model Release

Model Release for a Minor Child

Permission for Photography of Property

Pocket Permission for Photography

For more information about copyright, licensing images and releases, please visit

Tax Forms

All contributors are required to complete a W-9 form (for U.S. Citizens) or a W-8 form (for non U.S. Citizens). We also require that all contributors complete and file these documents with before we can send payment. For contributors in certain countries, we may also be required to withhold up to 30% of the contributor’s gross income depending on that foreign country’s tax treaty’s with the United States of America.

Download the forms

Form w-8 (PDF) Required for NON U.S. Citizens

Form w-9 (PDF) Required for U.S. Citizens

Taking Photos In Public Places

ansel=adams-wildernessWhen taking photos in public places such as a national park, museum or similar type property you may want to call ahead and find out what their commercial photography policies entail. For example National Parks in the United States require a permit for all commercial photography. If you are using talent as a part of your photography, you will also need to get an on location permit. If you are just taking casual photos while you were on vacation, you will not need to apply for a retroactive permit. For government buildings and iconic structures, it’s a good idea to contact the Public Relations or Permits office for details on permit policies for those locations.

While getting a signed property release can be as easy as making a phone call to a business or property owner, it’s always a good idea to make sure that you get a signed release even if the property owner thinks that it’s not necessary. A property owner can come looking for you if they find that their property is being used all over the web and print industry. If you have a property release, you will have protection against any claims of intellectual or copyright infringement.



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